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Co-founder and CEO of an awesome family.


email: greg.moreno@gmail.com
twitter: gregmoreno
github: gregmoreno
linkedin: gregmoreno

I want to build software and websites that make people happy. Everything I do — from designing software to writing — I aim to provide and care for the complete experience.

I believe

  1. Build software for people first, computers second.
  2. Usability is always secondary. (Donald Norman)
  3. Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler. (Albert Einstein)
  4. Don’t make me think. (Steve Krug)
  5. People that think well, write well. (David Ogilvy)
  6. Words are part of the interface.
  7. Omit needless words. (Strunk & White)
  8. Do one thing and do it right. (37signals)
  9. Good is the enemy of great. (Jim Collins)
  10. Michael Jordan is an alien.