Canada work visa questions?

Applying for a Canada work visa could sometimes get confusing. Sometimes reading and re-reading the Canada Immigration Center guide for foreign workers is not enough. A lot of questions about your Canadian work visa sometimes can only be answered by someone who went through the same process. Misery loves company, so they say.

After a discussions with my wife and her cousing, we decided to create a question and answer site dedicated to Canada work visa applicants, would-be-applicants and just plain curious Georges. It is similar to a regular forum – members gets to ask their questions and other members gets to answer, and then some. What’s good about this Q&A format is that members also get to vote for the answer that they think is the most helpful. The most voted answers then get the top spots in the thread and not buried deep in the topic conversation 3 pages back.

Need help with your Canadian work visa application? Or you just want to know what to put in Line xx of your application form and do not want to bother and pay an immigration consultant? Maybe it’s time you pay the Canada work visa Q&A a visit.


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