Visualizing the Philippine election scene Part 2

via Twitter SteamGraph

The chart shows how the frequency of the words change over time. This gives you an idea on what people are talking about over time.

via Twitter Spectrum

The chart shows the words commonly associated with Villar and Noynoy. Words at the center are common to both candidates. Look how the words ‘magnificent’ is commonly associated with Noynoy while ‘mudslinging’ is for Villar. Of course, this chart simply shows how many times the words were mentioned and not the context. It’s amazing that ‘#erap’ is at dead center. Does this mean Erap can still influence the election?

via TwitterVenn

The chart above shows the frequency of the words ‘villar’, and ‘noynoy’ as well as the overlap of the two in a single tweet. From the looks of it, Villar and Noynoy don’t come together that often. The chart also shows a word cloud of the most common terms related to Villar and Noynoy.  Just like the spectrum chart, Erap is frequently mentioned along with the top 2 presidential candidates.

The following charts were created using Jeff Clark’s visualization projects. Here are the links to TwitterVenn, Twitter Spectrum, and StreamGraphs. Since the charts depend on the latest tweet, you may get a different result.


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