Bayanihan Books: Together, we will solve our textbooks problems

Last December I wrote an essay on how to solve the quality and shortage problems in public textbooks as a starting point for a project. After a number of suggestions from friends, we decided to call the project “Bayanihan Books”. “Bayanihan” is originally a Filipino tradition wherein neighbors would help a family relocate by carrying their house it to its new location. More generally, the word has come to means a communal effort towards achieving a noble goal.

Bayanihan Books has a blog and a mailing that has 43 members currently. Two books are now available for editing and volunteers have already started writing the outline based on learning competencies outlined by the Department of Education.

I would like to thank all volunteers who believe in this project and the people spreading the word and recruiting more volunteers.

Bayanihan Books has also been mentioned in other websites as well:


school's vision and mission

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One thought on “Bayanihan Books: Together, we will solve our textbooks problems

  1. I am co-authoring the Philippine Chaper in the Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2009 – 2010 and am excited about everything I am reading about what’s happening in ICT4D in the Philippines. It is a great enterprise. I am thankful for all the updates I am getting from Greg Moreno’s blogs and articles, and from the ArellanoULaw School on Philippine Commons. Thanks again.
    Paz H Diaz, PhD

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