Arellano University launches Creative Commons in the Philippines

creative commons philippines

The Arellano University School of Law have launched (and I could say with a bang!) last January 14 the Philippine version of the Creative Commons license.

So why should there be a Philippine version? The law varies from country to country and it is important that we use a Creative Commons license adopted to our law so it could be enforced and give us protection.

The correct license is critical factor in the success of the Bayanihan Books project because we want a license that would permit and encourage collaboration and sharing of textbook content. We also want to do away with the normal “closed” copyright so that anybody can use the textbook materials.

I am no lawyer and many of us will probably have trouble understanding the text contained in the licenses. But the good news is that Atty Jaime Soriano, Atty. Berne Guerrero, and the Arellano University School of Law are actively promoting the use of Creative Commons in the Philippines so that authors, scientists, artists, and educators can fully understand how CC can help them.

Congratulations to Atty. Soriano, Atty. Berne, their peers, and students for making this happen. This is truly a big step forward in advancing intellectual property rights in the Philippines.

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