Why working at home is bad for you

Your neighbor thinks you are a bum.

Your landlord becomes worried. One day, our landlord asked my wife if I already have a job. She’s most likely worried about the rent.

Your relatives think you’re a call-center agent. Every time my wife tells them I am asleep because I was working ’till 5 am, this is the first thing that pops out in their head.

You can’t go out with your friends as often as you like. If you’re in the office, it is easier to tell your wife that your boss asked you to work overtime.

But at least, at home, you don’t need an underwear before you can code.


7 thoughts on “Why working at home is bad for you

  1. It becomes worse when you are 17 years old and have just moved to a new country, and are required to live with a family (an old couple) until you turn 18. The family then doesn’t give you a break, threatens to cut off your email, and keeps telling you to ‘stop playing on the computer all the time, its not healthy’, and advises you to ‘try to get a job’. In the meanwhile, you make more than money in 3 days ‘playing on the computer’ than you do in 2 weeks ‘working at the job’.

  2. Your father wonders if going to a real office in the outside world is less stressful than working at home… or at least provides more exercise.


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