Is your tech idea good enough for the real world?

If you would like to shake hands with Dado Banatao and Winston Damarillo — two Pinoys who have made it big in the high-tech world — you can meet them at the AyalaTBI TechBootCamp, which will be held on Oct 6. 13, and 16 at AIM Conference Center (Makati, Philippines). Aside from learning entrepreneurship from people who have been there, you’ll also have a chance to pitch your idea to VC’s and get funded (if that’s your goal).

Unfortunately (at least for me), it would cost you PhP 15,000 (around $326). I don’t think the money from the participants would be enough to cover the fee of the mentors and I doubt if Dado, Winston, and the others have even asked to be paid for their time. I wonder why AyalaTBI can’t make it free. Or maybe, they want the participants to pay so they would value the event.

If I have $326 to spend and wife doesn’t know, I’ll most likely spend it on books or a new slice at Slicehost.

Update:The Oct 16 event is open to the public.


2 thoughts on “Is your tech idea good enough for the real world?

  1. Good post Greg.. I dont think that this is a money making event for Ayala TBI.

    If you want to get sponsored into this event, Please drop me a note. I can’t promise it for everyone but I would certainly want make this event accessible for promising entrepreneurs …

    Greg – you are in — if you want 🙂

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