Why you should have a partner

First, and most importantly, realize that a startup puts you on an emotional rollercoaster unlike anything you have ever experienced.
— Marc Andreessen on ‘Why not to do a startup

Entreprenuers will tell you that having the right partners is an element of a successful business. The typical reason is to fill-in the expertise that you don’t have. If you’re a programmer, you need someone who knows the business sides of things like sales and marketing. Or, if you’re a business guy, you need someone to build the product. It also pays to have a second pair of eyes review your sales letter before you email it to 1000 people, or have someone make phone calls while you try to find out why your website crashes every 10 minutes.

Another great reason to find a partner is to keep your sanity.

When you launched your website after months of hardwork but nobody, even your closest friends, uses it, you need someone to tell you “Everything is going to be fine”, or “Yes, it sucks. We need to redesign it.”

If you are bothered because you didn’t see 300, you need to talk to someone who have not seen the movie too so you could tell each other how awful the movie is and you’re not missing a thing.

It’s already 3am and you’re the only one online in your Yahoo messenger. At least with a partner, you can ask him to keep his ‘Online’ status when he goes to bed. 🙂

Do I have a partner? No.
Have I seen 300? Yes.
Am I still sane? Yes. Wait! I’ll ask my wife.


2 thoughts on “Why you should have a partner

  1. Another good reason to have a partner: keeps you honest. Especially a non-technical partner. A technical business partner may love the cool programming trick you just spent four hours on instead of producing the deliverable that the two of you agreed would be the goal for the day. A non-technical business parter: not so much.

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