Scam at the Cainta Post Office


For the past 3 weeks, I’ve been sending out snail mails to Deped officials, school associations, and schools for my SchoolPad website. My mail includes 8 pages of letter-size bond papers. The cost for each mail is 23 pesos (around $0.50).

The other day, one mail was returned because the addressee has resigned. OK, no problem. Except that the cost of the mail is only 14 pesos as stamped on the envelope. If not for this returned mail, I wouldn’t have known the true cost.

When you send a mail just like mine, the receiving staff would weigh your mail first before telling you the price. The price list is not posted anywhere and only the receiving staff can see the price list or maybe she acts as if there is a price list. You cannot even see the reading on the weighing scale. The 1st time, I asked for a receipt but the lady in charge politely said they don’t give receipts and that everything is OK. The reason I asked for the receipt is I want to be sure that they would actually send my mail. The 2nd time, my worry is that the price would change given that the weight and price list is virtually non-existent. The good thing is they price consistently. They also corrupt consistently.

I don’t mind the 23 pesos cost because it is still cheaper compared to a private courier service. LBC would charge 100 pesos or more for my package. What the Cainta Post Office is doing is clear corruption; it does not matter whether it is 1 peso or 100 pesos. I have sent 83 mails already so that means they have corrupted 747 pesos from me alone.

If you know people in the Philippine Post Office who want to eradicate corruption, please forward my story to them. It is very easy to duplicate this. Just go to the post office and send a snail mail to a wrong address. When your mail is returned, you should be able to see the actual postage cost.

To Postmaster General Hector Villanueva, I hope you can read this.


11 thoughts on “Scam at the Cainta Post Office

  1. just as i was about to say something nice about the post office here in cainta, haha, dito pa ako dinala ng google. the only problem i have with postmen is they fold my mail. the service is actually better now than 20 years ago, when my mail would arrive 2 months late, with some stuff missing inside.

    but them having to charge you for more-that is weird! i usually mail postcards, it costs P13 for international send offs and P7 for local ones- same rate if i mail it in the greenhills post office.

    saang post office ito?

  2. erlaccckk, salbaheng mga tao dun. at least sa may Q pLaza, lagi lang silang kumakain. parang tatayo ka dun for two minutes bago ka nila pansinin. haha

  3. can anyone give me the contact numbers of cainta post office located at junction fronting robinsons… thank u

  4. Good Day…
    I hope you could help me get the numbers of Cainta Office…
    I send my fiance(Andy Jacobs) a package for England, United Kingdom but Im afraid he might not get it as I read from your site…
    Please help…
    Thank you


  5. Good Day!

    I have my experience at the Cainta Post Office (Fronting Robinson’s Mall), I was applying for the postal id and at the same time, sending an important document at Manitoba, Canada. I have complete requirements for the application. While applying for the Postal ID, it took me about 15mins before someone approaches me. A girl (which I forgot her name) approached me and said that she would get my application for the ID. One by one I took out the requirements, then she told me, just sit down and she will process the ID. After about 10mins it was done, but to my suprise, she charged me about P300 and without receipt. For me P300 is nothing but that malicious act is inconsiderable. Also, while waiting for the ID, I’m also sending documents, instead of LBC which is more expensive and checks every detail of the package. I didn’t see how much it weighs and the corresponding price. To my surprise, they charged me P350 for an envelope of documents… WOW! it was too much… But due to the importance of the document, I was not able to do anything but to oblige… When I was about to pay, she told me that they can’t issue receipt since the new reciepts are not yet delivered… WOW! For those people who are going to transact in this Post Office, please, look for other post offices…

  6. corruption?
    this world has been corrupted by lucifer morninstar
    should you expect anything less from anyone, from any entity?
    is not the roman catholic church a corruption in its abject idolatry
    in the utter transgression of the 10 commandments, the divine laws?
    are not the priests corrupted in their homosexuality?
    are not the politicians utterly corrupt?
    yet people elect them

    who then is not corrupt
    where is the point to complain

  7. I am a Filipino and in general, most Filipinos are corrupt. It is not the country. It’s the people. This country deserves to be owned by other country. Nakaka awa yung land natin dahil corrupt ang mga PINOY sa gobyerno. Ibenta na lang itong bansa na ito sa ibang Bansa ng matapos na itong corruption na ito.

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