Monday RoR updates

Raymond Lim is looking for RoR developers for his company Somase. Somase is looking for at least 2 programmers, with one ideally highly experienced (someone who can really help develop their toolsets and development process e.g. a tech lead or project manager with programming background). If you feel like staying in beautiful Cebu, contact Raymond.

syndeo::media is looking for Rails developers with a few projects under their belt. Their office is at the Greenbelt Area. You can reach them at Passionate new converts and interns can also apply.

Topher has released a plugin for modifying RoR’s validation error messages. It a simple solution that can make your error messages more user-friendly. (Now, the only thing left to do is learn to write). You can read the motivation behind the plugin and the ensuing debate in the PRUG mailing list.


2 thoughts on “Monday RoR updates

  1. Thanks for spreading the word, Greg.

    We are looking forward to seeing the local community grow and are always interested in developers wanting to make the switch.

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