The limits of hard work

I definitely agree with Wilson Ng that there is a limit in what hard work can benefit you.

Growing up, I was told that hard work is the key. If you work hard in your studies, you will graduate top of your class, and get a nice paying job. You work hard at work and you will get promoted and can now avail of a car loan and other perks. There are many rewards for hard work, no doubt about it.

But hard work won’t get you too far. You could be spending 19 hours a day on your product but you maybe working on the wrong product. We could be spending same hours at work but you may be earning more money that I am. I could get a 2nd job but that means more time away from my family. It also means less time on thinking, planning, and self-improvement — things that potentially would bring more rewards than hard work alone.

One example where hard work is not enough is the classic formula for many workers — work hard and save money for your retirement. The problem is by the time you retire, you’re old, unhealthy, and maybe sick because of all those years of having only 4 hours of sleep a day. The money that you’ve been safekeeping for years will be spent on medicines and hospital bills. If you could find a way to retire early, say at 40, and have lots of money, that would really be amazing.

Wilson Ng’s blog is a finalist at the Philippine Blog Awards. I hope he wins.

I interviewed him last year, which you can read here.


2 thoughts on “The limits of hard work

  1. Hmm that’s something that struck me right now!
    i guess, you do something that you wanted to do (passionately) and earn something from it… until you know you are old enough to do it and have kept financial things according to the extent that it is appropriate for you and you’re family (stable ,have business..) ,then maybe retirement is an option for you to do things that will help you see the hardwork that you had done through the years. The limits are up to you!

  2. Social conditioning is really a big factor in the way we see the future. Is is very rare to hear parents telling their children to get into business whatever the risks maybe. Our parents have always pampered us, always telling us to go the safest route.

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