Web usability tip: Degrade your website gracefully

How many times have you assumed that visitors to your website will use the same browser and technology as you have in your computer? You have spent countless hours perfecting the design, tweaking the CSS so it will appear flawless in IE, Firefox, Opera, and Safari, and testing the website in various screen resolutions. Yet when it is time for the boss to comment, all you get is that “why is there a big box in the homepage?” Damn!, your boss forgot to install “Flash”.

There is nothing wrong with using Flash as long as it is done properly :). The key thing is not all visitors have Flash installed in their browsers and that you should allow your website to degrade gracefully in this situation. A perfect example of a website degrading gracefully is the Nick.com.


On the other hand, Chikka.com assumes all visitors have “the plugin” installed.



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