Is it possible to have free, clean, and constant energy?

One time in my high school Physics class, our teacher showed us a small box with a light bulb on top and a crank on the side. She asked one of my classmate to turn the crank as fast as he could and continue until she says stop. After a few seconds, the light bulb turned on. The whole class was amazed. That’s when I learned how electricity is produced and why are dams and geothermal plants important.

A few years later I visited that lecture and asked my friend (who is a mechanical engineering student) if we could connect an electric fan and use its motion to feed a small generator, then we can use the generator to supply energy to the electric fan. Voila! infinite energy. Unfortunately, there are these laws of thermodynamics that even our Congress can’t repeal. My idea will not work because some of the energy will be transformed to heat and cannot be used to feed the fan-generator cycle. At least, that’s how I understood my friend’s explanation.

Fortunately, there are a lot of smart people on Earth like these guys at Steorn who claims to have developed micro generators that are over 100% efficient. As they say in their website:

This means never having to recharge your phone, never having to refuel your car. A world with an infinite supply of clean energy for all.

Their claim still needs to be proven and they are inviting scientists around the world to validate their claim. Whatever the finale is of this campaign, I am excited to witness it. The worst thing that could happen to the people behind Steorn is they will be tagged as crazy. (At least, they would know 1 way not to create a device that can produce infinite energy.) The best thing is we will have clean and free energy. With that kind of benefits, there is nothing Steorn should be afraid of.

On a sidenote, I like the design of their website. The presentation is simple and appeals to my feelings especially the quote “All great truths begin as blasphemies” by George Bernard Shaw.


3 thoughts on “Is it possible to have free, clean, and constant energy?

  1. Yes, that is correct. Every bit of resistance (heat, friction, air, etc) reduces the amount of power transfered get back into the system. For example, this is why having your tires fully inflated increases gas milage. The overall resistance is decreased and therefore you can go farther/faster consuming the same amount.

    If the generators are >100% efficient, won’t they have to stop every so often just to discharge the battery? My engineering-sense is tingling and my BS detector just went nuts.

  2. I think the reason they tell us we don’t need to charge our battery again is because we will have no use for a battery. In any case, the sooner independent scientists validate their claim, the better. I wonder what the enery industry is thinking right now.

  3. 2nd law of thermodynamics implies that no engine could ever reach an efficiency of 100%. Even the Carnot engine, theoretically the most efficient engine, goes nowhere near 100% for most practical applications (unless we are working in an environment where the ambient temperature is absolute zero) and it makes sense since not all of the energy are converted to work. And even if those laws are for heat engines, i think the concept is the same for other physical entities. Can’t wait for scientist to test the findings of Steorn.

    Side note on the mileage comment: Rolling friction is different from sliding friction. The more the tire is inflated (from a normal level), the lesser the traction between the wheels and the ground, the lesser percentage of the work done by the engine is transferred to moving the car. Hence the relationship of tire inflation to mileage is not always directly proportional. Just try imagining having a car with shiny spherical stainless steel wheels used as a vehicle in a place where the ground is a smooth and even permafrost. The wheels may have turned a thousand times but the vehicle would have barely moved a few meters due to lack of traction.

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