Now is the era of small business?

Jason Fried says:

When you think small business, think 1-10 people not 50-100. There’s an endless supply of 1-10 person companies. Who cares about the Fortune 500? It’s time to care about the Fortune 5,000,000. Forget the enterprise market. Forget the mid-sized company market. Build for the smallest of small companies and you’ll find a thirsty, neglected market waiting for you.

Seth Godin says:

Today, little companies often make more money than big companies…Small is the new big because small gives you the flexibility to change the business model when your competition changes theirs.

If you are small business, how can you compete with the big guys? Here are <a href=”<a href=”16 tips from Tom Peters.

  1. Niche-aimed
  2. Never attack the monsters head on!
  3. Dramatically different
  4. Compete on value/experience/intimacy, not price
  5. Emotional bond with Clients, Vendors
  6. Hands-on, emotional leadership
  7. A community star
  8. An incredible experience, from the first to last moment — and then in the follow-up!
  9. Design
  10. Employer of choice
  11. Sophisticated use of information technology
  12. Web-power
  13. Innovative
  14. Brand-Lovemark Maniacs
  15. Focus on women-as-clients
  16. Excellence

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