The businesses I never started

In 1999, a friend recommended me to a manufacturing company in need of an inventory software. I got the project. I registered “AtWork Software” so I could issue receipts and get paid. The manufaturing company was AtWork’s 1st and last customer. So far, that was the closest I was in running my own software company.

Around middle of 2000, my friend Dennis Posadas asked me to explore WAP technology. It is the technology that allows Internet browsing over mobile phones. We voraciously read a lot of research materials and my two friends even attended the Philippine’s 1st WAP conference. Still, no company was founded.

In 2003, some friends and I thought of supplying bingo cards and equipments to local operators. I developed a Linux-based program (using Python ang Qt) for running bingo games. I was never interested in bingo but I had to learn it so I could build the program. I even talked to several printing companies to understand how bingo cards are manufactured and why we have to import these from Canada. Apparently, it was too expensive to print bingo cards here because of the variation of the card numbers and design. Again, no company was born.

Last summer of 2005, I submitted a business plan to the CEO of a successful local ISV. I and my friends from the WAP days had several meetings and number crunching sessions with the company’s marketing and financial managers. We even had sessions with IBM consultants to brief us on the technology that we will use to build the product. But after 2 months, we decided we can no longer wait for a go/no-go from the CEO.


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