What is the MicroISV Notebook?

It is no secret even to my boss that I want to start my own software company. The question I always ask myself (and our HR asked of me once) is when. For the past years, I’ve been involved in several talks on starting a software company. The closest I’ve been to a software business was in 1999 where I registered a business name and printed receipts so I could get paid. The rest was pure round table (sometimes square) discussions.

Thinking and dreaming about it is a waste of time. That’s why I have resolved to become a software vendor and launch my first product this year. I know it is of no great feat and some of you have successfully did it but, there’s no rule stopping a wannabe like me to try it, right?

So now what does it have to do with the blog name? To borrow from Eric Sink’s essay, I am a MicroISV — a software company made up of exactly one person. The term ‘MicroISV’ has actually evolved to include several people but still a very small group.

Of course, it is easier said than done. I still have a day job and given my financial standing, it would be foolish to quit now. That means, I can only develop the product during nights and weekends.

Another constraint I have to deal with is I don’t have extra money to deal with business expenses. Unlike other people who can ask daddy for help, my only source of money is the take home pay, which is just enough to cover family expenses and debt payments. Unless I get an additinal source of money soon, I have to use my credit cards or borrow from friends and relatives.

Aside from the time and money constraints (that are always here anyway) there is also the “being alone” I have to deal with. Well, I do have friends I can disturb once in a while but for the most part, it will be all by myself. At 2 am, I won’t have anybody to bounce ideas with. Even if my wife is awake, she wouldn’t be interested to hear my ramblings.


6 thoughts on “What is the MicroISV Notebook?

  1. Uhm, let me guess… you’re going to use Ruby on Rails, right? Heheh.

    It’s a cool language, and I think it’s great you have the courage to “go it alone”. Good luck on all your endeavors!

  2. Hey, that’s awesome to hear. Follow your dreams πŸ™‚ It might not be easy especially because you have your day job and all that. Just as long as you can still balance everything, you will be fine πŸ™‚

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