Why do we work for 8 hours?

Who decided that we should should spend 8 hours a day at work? Why not 5 hours only? Is there any research why 8 hours and not 7? How about 10?

Just curious.


6 thoughts on “Why do we work for 8 hours?

  1. We do? Hmm. I just simply lose track of time, and usually end up working more than 12, even 14 hours per day (including the unproductive, dead-weight hours, that is). Argh. I’d better start organizing my life better.

  2. Where do you get that energy? I’ve noticed that people who work at home spend more time working than when they are in the office. In my previous job, I can opt to work at home. My wife would always complain because I am pouring in 10-12 hours and I only get paid for 8. I think commuting plays a big factor. I spend 2.5 to 3 hours a day commuting and it drains a lot of energy from me.

  3. As for me it’s 9.6 hours a day at work. aaargh…
    2-3 hours in the traffic
    2 hours eating
    30 mins for taking a bath sometime defacating…
    that’s already more than half my day…

    and i still have to sleep. kawawa naman kids ko.

  4. The French are the masters of slacking. They only work 34.5 hours a week. They also have about 2 months vacation time every year during summer. Now that’s a workers paradise!

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