Is there a Web 2.0 pill?

Many programmers, designers, and bloggers mention “web 2.0” nowadays. There is even a Filipino online community promoting this and I regularly receive emails where people mention they are working on a “web 2.0 app”, incorporated a “web 2.0 feature” or a “web 2.0 design”.

Unfortunately for me, I still don’t get it and my concern is that people drop the “web 2.0” as if it is enough to describe what they are doing.

Are people suppose to buy your product if it has a “web 2.0” in it? Are people suppose to say, “I want that software” if you tell us you have incorporated a “web 2.0” design?

If you can’t tell people what problem you are solving, and why your software solves the problem, your “web 2.0” app will go to the trash bin.

And one more thing – people don’t buy folksonomy, mashup, and meta.


One thought on “Is there a Web 2.0 pill?

  1. Of course “web 2.0” is just a catchphrase. But still it’s hot stuff these days. However, for me what’s important are the concepts behind “web 2.0,” such as collaboration, user-generated content, the web as an application platform, etc., and not the brand (w/c O’Reilly seems to have trademarked).

    True, some “web 2.0” stuff may be crap. But most are interesting to watch anyway.

    Some web 2.0 explorations here (not mine though, but I’m quite a fan; and not always “web 2.0,” of course).



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