Smart reaches out to bloggers. But not to customers?

Smart Philippines has launched a “Smart Bro Big Bro” campaign to counter the negative publicity on their wireless broadband service. Smart Bro is not new; it is just the re-branded Smart Wifi service – which didn’t live up to its broadband promise.

The publicity campaign wants to get feedback on the re-branded service. Do they need another round of feedback? What did they do with the tons of customer complains filed at the customer service department?

If you’re a customer and you get delayed in paying your cellphone bill, Smart will disconnect you. OK, the term they use is “redirect” but it’s the same – you can’t call or send an SMS.

If you’re a customer and you don’t get the service you paid for, Smart ignores you. What is Smart going to do with their subscribers who didn’t get the connection availability and speed they paid for?

With all the complains on their Smart Wifi service, I guess they have decided that the “smart” thing to do is change the name, launch a publicity campaign, and invited famous Filipino bloggers to write about their latest publicity stunts. Sorry Yuga, but this looks like another TV commercial. What’s next? Kris Aquino playing Ragnarok with Boy Abunda?

What happened to “eat your own dog food” or “fly your own airplane”? Why not ask the CEO, senior executives, managers, and employees to try the Smart Wifi service. Let them try it at home with their kids, relatives, neighbors and see for themselves if it sucks or not. Or they won’t because they know the service sucks or they can’t because they are already Globe broadband subscribers.


3 thoughts on “Smart reaches out to bloggers. But not to customers?

  1. You are right. I have the same apprehensions when they contacted me about the campaign. I won’t defend them and I don’t have to. I only agreed to accept their invitation in the hopes that I could provide some suggestions to help them improve their service. For me, that’s way better than nothing at all.

    Partnering with them does not mean we won’t blog about how crappy the service really is right after we test it ourselves. What is comforting to know that despite the obvious PR benefits they are getting for this, it’s still a step forward.

  2. Oh, and as I commented on PTB, before they launched this campaign, they actually reached out to their existing customers by commissioning a survey. They survey came out positive but the new management would not believe it, so they seek out those bloggers who get tons of complaints about Smart Wifi. Call it a “second opinion” of sorts.

  3. Hi Yuga,

    I believe that you and other bloggers will be “brutally” honest about your testing. It’s very comforting to know that. Unlike with other journalist and TV personalities that are always available at the right price.

    When TypePad had weeks of service breakdown, they offered free usage. I can’t wait to see what Smart will do 🙂

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