Looking for a cool Ruby on Rails startup?

Mark Buenconsejo is looking for Ruby on Rails developers to join their startup. Some cool benefits include:

  • Free lunch and dinner.
  • Free coffee, softdrinks, and beer (occasionally).
  • Use your spare time for other activities and side projects.

Checkout the job post.


4 thoughts on “Looking for a cool Ruby on Rails startup?

  1. Hi Peachy,

    My college CS professor once told us that programmers reach a state called the “Alpha state” where your brain shuts everything around you and all you can hear is the sound of the keyboard. There are ways to reach that state but the faster route is to drink beer before you program. I guess that explains it. 🙂

    By the way, he told us about the “Alpha state” while we were at Gulod and I guess all of us agreed.

  2. Thats BS, drinking before programming? Just when you think you need to totally concentrate on the task at hand. Getting tipsy with your mind unclear is the last thing you need.

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