Scheduling tips

If you are developing software for yourself, a schedule may not matter at all. But if you have a delivery date to meet, programmers to motivate, and clients to satisfy, you need that schedule.

It’s no easy task. Even after developing software for almost a decade (from assembly languages to Ruby on Rails), my schedules still slip. It’s a great feeling if I deliver ahead of schedule but that’s a very rare occasion. If you are in charge of scheduling (even if you are not into software development), here are some things to consider from the essay by Christopher Hawkins.

  1. People take vacations.
  2. People can get sick.
  3. People don’t work on holidays (OK, some people do) and we have 11 of these legally. Not to mention typhoons, special holidays, and work suspension due to rallies.
  4. Disaster strikes anytime.
  5. Nobody is productive for 8 hours a day (except my former boss Preben Nielsen).

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