The balancing act of project management

Project management requires a balancing act of conflicting behaviors because different situations require different actions. The required and conflicting traits are not hard to identify but the challenge is in deciding which one is appropriate — something that is not easy to learn. (That’s why I am also skeptical about project management certifications. It can make you more knowledgeable but I still doubt if it can make you any wiser.)

When should you be patient? impatient? When should you force things and when should you back off? I know myself to be an impatient person and there are instances where it led me to trouble. The problem is I am so conscious of my attitude that it affects my decisions. There are times I feel I must push harder but I would not for fear of my team reacting negatively.

I am reading Chapter 1 of the Art of Project Management and Scott’s to blame for this post 🙂

I suggest you read Tom Peter’s essay, “Pursuing the Perfect Project Manager“, where he talks about the dilemmas a project manager must master.


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