Ruby/Ruby on Rails vs Java

Stuart Halloway:

Ruby is more productive than Java, period. Even when Java libraries already exist to solve a problem, and you have to roll-your-own in Ruby, Ruby will come out ahead on sizable projects.?

Rick Bradley:

“After a week we have ~85% of the Rails development done for the module, including a slick AJAX interface (which we never managed in Java), and a subset of our needed unit/functional tests (see below…). Best estimate for equivalent effort we put in on the Java side (because our data modelling can be reused, clearly) is about 6 weeks”.

Total lines of code including display and configuration:
  Java: 20,853
  Rails: 823

That’s a 96% reduction in code to worry about considering that maintenance consumes 40 to 80 percent of software costs.

Learn Rails and experience it!!!


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