Philippines Top 5000 corporations

CIBI Information is now selling a directory + CD of the 2005 Top 5000 corporations in the Philippines. One thing I am looking for that is not in the directory are websites. I plan to do web usability testing of company websites in the Philippines and include them in future reports.

For details, contact Ms. Joed M. Edralin at


46 thoughts on “Philippines Top 5000 corporations

  1. Plz send me a copy of Top 5,000 Corporations in my email account. Hope to receive it asap. Thanks alot… God bless!

  2. Hi! Could you pls send me the list of the top 1000 companies in the philippines for 2006. Pls include contact person with email address.

  3. Kindly please send me the Top 10,000 Companies in the Philippines. Hope you can include the list of officers per company. Thank you.

  4. kindly send me a copy of the top 5000 corporations directory… or if there is a top 7000 corporations directory, that’s even better. thank you very much and god bless!

  5. Can you please kindly e-mail me the Top 10,000 Corporation here in the Philippines. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much.

  6. Please send me a copy of Top 500 companies in the Philippines including their contact details. Thanks much!!!

  7. Pls. send to my email add the list of top 100 corporations in the philippines as their organizational chart.

  8. Kindly send me a list of top 500 Corporations in Mindanao (if available), otherwise the top 500 Philippine Corporations will do. Urgently needed. thanks!

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