The world’s most unusual workplace?

  1. Every six months managers are evaluated by those who work under them and the results are posted for all to see.
  2. No executive dining rooms.
  3. Parking is strictly on a first-come, first-served basis.
  4. Employees negotiate with management over the percentage of the profit to be distributed to them.
  5. Financial information are openly discussed and employees have accessed to accounting books.
  6. Employees reapply for their jobs every six months.
  7. Employees choose how they are compensated based on 11 different options.

Recipe for success or anarchy? Read the book Maverick by Ricardo Semler.


2 thoughts on “The world’s most unusual workplace?

  1. Semler said, “its the place where democracy, socialism, capitalism.. works its best”.

    Semco is an unusual place for those managers whose minds are contained in a box. Many thought that it’s impossible but it works well at Semco. Sadly, many choose the old route and not innovating. My organization is not an exemption.

  2. One company I know of that does it differently is SAS. I’ve read somewhere that the company provides a great working environment.

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