Why ease of use doesn’t happen

Scott Berkun offers his list on why ease of use doesn’t happen and how to avoid them.

  1. Ease of use is not an explicit project goal
  2. Ease of use is not defined in actionable terms
  3. Decision makers do not see the tradeoffs
  4. The unseen impact on ease of use on system/code architecture
  5. Confusion over how to use customer data
  6. Confusion over who the customer is (user vs. customer vs. client)
  7. Technical focus dominates the view of the project
  8. Diffusion of design authority (Too many cooks)
  9. Feature based design vs. scenario/task based design
  10. No connection made between business goals and ease of use
  11. General Incompetence (#11 = the spinal tap commemorative entry)
  12. The wrong people are involved
  13. Lack of familiarity with the creative process
  14. Experts fail to positively impact their teams

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