Getting started with Ruby on Rails

The website:

About a month ago, I did a presentation on Ruby On Rails to my co-workers. I brought some chips and we watched this introductory video. I needed to bring some food to ease my co-workers because at the latter part, I “bashed” Java infront of a number of Sun-certified Java programmers 🙂

The best way to start learning Ruby on Rails is to read Agile Web Development with Rails. Among the  authors are David Hansson (father of Ruby On Rails and 2004 Google Hacker of the Year) and Dave Thomas of the Pragmatic Programmer fame.

While waiting for your book, read these good posts on Ruby on Rails:

If you want to get your hands dirty, try Instant Rails for Windows. The installer is around 34 MB.

Not everybody loves Ruby On Rails. Find out why this blogger thinks it’s f****** horrible.


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