When was the last time you’ve read a good book?

If it has been a while, I recommend this ebook The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History! (PDF, 459KB) by Joe Vitale. Actually, there is no secret because many rich people in history are doing and telling people about it. The “secret” is to give others something from your heart and when you give, do not expect a return from that person.

By giving and sharing the little we have, we open up the storehouse of the universe and permit the rivers of good to come our way… Generally, the returns do not come back from those we give to. It comes back from sources we could hardly imagine. So give your way to riches.

It is not just money. You can give away books, time, energy, prayers, food as long as you give them from the heart and not because you see the need to do so or you pity the situation of others.

The ebook follows the concept in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich – there exists an unlimited source of wealth and we just need to have access to it. Giving from the heart gives us the correct login and password to access this source.

In the spirit of giving, this ebook is FREE. Of course, if you are a skeptic you will just see this as a marketing act. Fortunately for you, I am not a skeptic and I am recommending this to you. I am sure it well help you.

If you don’t like reading books on a computer (I get headaches when I do it), I suggest you find a spare printer because this is 111 pages long.


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