Speaking out loud will not do it

I had a conversation with an advertising guy while we were waiting for our interview. I was applying as a software team leader; he as a sales manager. When our discussion shifted to TV ads, I asked him why commercials are louder than the actual TV program.

He told me the broadcasting company has nothing to do with it. The commercial was prepared with the volume very high deliberately. The purpose was, according to him, to capture my attention. If that was the purpose, increasing the volume will not do it.

There is a difference between capturing my attention and interrupting me. First, I can easily distinguish a commercial with the actual TV program. When it is time for the commercial, either I turn away from the TV or I change channel.Even my 4-year old son turns away from commercials.

I think the purpose of increasing the volume of TV commercials is to interrupt me in the hope that it will capture my attention. If the advertisers want to capture my attention, they should re-think their strategy. A bad commercial is still a bad commercial no matter how loud it is.

Now I wonder if the government regulates the volumes for commercials.Lowering the volume during commercials, then increasing it back for the actual show every 8 minutes is dangerous to your health.


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