Should we encourage students to blog?

While most blogs are personal, much like diaries, it can be setup for a classroom where every student can share his/her thoughts. A teacher can post a short article and encourage her students to leave comments. Since blogs can be accessed virtually anytime and anywhere, students can still continue sharing experiences and ideas during weekends and even in summer.

Blogs allow for instant publishing and this may worry teachers and school officials. Students can easily write in a blog without anybody reviewing what they have written before it is published.

The technology by itself cannot prevent students from sharing or discussing malicious contents. It does not mean we should not encourage the use of blogs. In fact, blogs are a perfect opportunity to teach responsible use of technology to students.

Students are identified in a blog – that means they are responsible for what they say unlike in chatrooms and online games websites where students can become anonymous or use secret identities. Students should be reminded that other people will see the entries in their blog. Teach them to become responsible to what they say.


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