A school website is the student’s 1st search engine

The money spent by the school and parents to give students access to the Internet is of little use unless students can retrieve useful information.

It is easy to advice students to use Google but that may not be enough. There are plenty of websites with rotten information and students may reach them while browsing.

In college, I regularly read 2 computer software magazines. Like books, I trust its content because publishers and researchers have already read it, or at least verified, before it goes to print. If a website appears as reference to an article, I also trust its content.

Before the Internet, students can seek the advice of a teacher or librarian on what books, newspaper archives, journals, etc. to read. Today, most students rely on Google’s search results.

In the Internet age, we may believe that libraries and librarians are unnecessary. Augmented by the fact that students spend most of their online information-seeking outside the school; visit to the library and contact with librarians are almost non-existent.

There are a lot of things librarians can do like compiling list of reputable websites or developing approaches to evaluate information sources critically. Teachers could also start putting-up materials and references in the school’s website for students to see. Instead of telling students to use Google, teachers and parents can recommend the school’s website first.


One thought on “A school website is the student’s 1st search engine

  1. I agree that students nowadays need to be able to understand how sites work, how to use standard search engines and what they can do to develop their school website.

    The internet is no evolving into a community rather than just a library. Get them blogging!

    Found some really good examples of interactive school websites at http://www.e4education.co.uk

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